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We are Outlaws

Outlaw System is an NFT brand for the science fiction aficionados.

A collection of 5000 generative hand-drawn avatars that give you exclusive access to a dystopian web3 experience.

By entering the Outlaw System, you join a creative movement whose main purpose is building strong intellectual property around a Dantesque scenery where danger and style dance together.

With more than 300 futuristic traits inspired by various cultures and sci-fi references, your Outlaw NFT doubles as the highest level of membership inside the Outlaw System.

Ready to become an Outlaw?

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The journey starts with the genesis collection of 5000 NFT avatars that provide access to the Outlaw System brand. Use them as PFP, your metaverse identity. License them in exchange for a licensing fee and star in our comic books and animations.


The Outlaw System's story will be told through several comic books open to everyone. You can vote on the creative direction of the stories and will be able to claim tokenized covers from each issue. The covers will have further utility.


Holders will be able to claim future NFTs. Game theory will be applied. You will need to make critical choices regarding the ownership of certain assets.

Outlaw System = World-building & IP + Ownership + Game Theory


Holders will be able to access IRL items. You can order exclusive Outlaw System merch.


60 % of profits from the launch and secondary market fees will be put into the Community Wallet to help execute the roadmap.


We will seek to establish meaningful partnerships with artists, writers, studios and agencies to help expand the brand's IP.


We will explore various paths that include:

  • DAO

  • Staking for utility tokens

  • On-chain game mechanics / P2E

  • Metaverse integration / 3D avatars

  • Animated series