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The mysterious Doctor Fang opened his secret lab to create a bunch of clones in his image. He calls them Fangorians. You can guarantee their services for 0.045 ETH each. Hurry, the lab won't stay open forever.

0 already minted

Before minting, Doctor Fang needs you to agree with the following:

How many Fangorians shall Doctor Fang create for you?

Important Links:

- You can consult 'The Fangorians' smart contract here.

- You can visit 'The Fangorians' OpenSea page here.


- 'The Fangorians' smart contract was created by WestCoastNFT and verified on September 2021. As a result, it does not include recent technological breakthroughs that allow relevant fee optimizations, like the capacity to mint multiple NFTs for the same cost of minting a single NFT. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our next smart contracts will be fully optimized according to the latest innovations. You can check 'The Fangorians' smart contract here.