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There are three different ways a collector can access Outlaw System NFTs before they reach secondary markets.

Don't have the time to fight for whitelist spots? Don't wanna risk missing the boat? You can guarantee your spot by minting a Whitelist NFT.

Whitelist NFTs can be minted for 0.045 ETH each and are part of a spin-off cartoon collection called 'The Fangorians', with 197 traits and different rarities.

As long as you hold them during a future snapshot, each Fangorian NFT aka Whitelist NFT gives you the right to mint a free Outlaw System NFT.

You can also trade them using OpenSea and Looksrare.

Ready to mint?


According to the smart contract, 'The Fangorians' collection is programmed to have a 5,000 supply. However, due to the need to control whitelist spots supply, that number may not be reached because our team may close the minting window before reaching it. The rarity of the traits will be set accordingly.

The remaining whitelist spots will be given away, raffled or won via our Discord personalized game.

Due to the credits they may accumulate playing our Discord whitelist game, collectors who try the "grinding approach" will be compensated in the future because they will be able to spend those credits in tickets to special and secret events.

Collectors who simply buy a Whitelist NFT and stay out of our Discord game will not have the opportunity to participate in those activities because they probably won't have enough game credits to buy the tickets.

The whitelist NFT is an easy path to the Outlaw System collection, but it will not bring you certain perks that will only be achieved by interacting with the community and participating in its activities.

After you mint Fangorian NFTs aka Whitelist NFTs, you can trade them using OpenSea and Looksrare or you can hold them until a future snapshot.

If you hold your Fangorian NFTs during the snapshot, you will then be able to claim the Outlaw System collection NFTs for free. 1 Fangorian equals 1 free Outlaw.

The claiming process for the Outlaw System collection will happen during the summer.

It is a way of including collectors who don't have the patience or the time to fight for a whitelist spot through the usual methods like contests, giveaways or tasks. They can pay upfront and wait.

The typical whitelist process raises several problems, such as encouraging practices that lead to artificial growth. These maneuvers, like invite contests, inflate the hype around the projects, giving a false sense of quality and success. It can be tricky for a team to navigate those waters.

By minting or acquiring the Whitelist NFTs aka Fangorian NFTs in the secondary market, collectors are reserving their spot in the Outlaw System, as long as they hold them during the pre-launch snapshot.

Since 'The Fangorians' collection has a secondary market, collectors who arrive very late also have a way of acquiring whitelist spots, as long as they do it before the snapshot. This turns it into a liquid and flexible process where people can trade their spot.

Collectors must also not forget that 'The Fangorians' is a collection that stands on its own, with 197 traits and different rarities. Your whitelist spot is not just an address on a list, it's a funny NFT souvenir whose IP rights you own. In the end, you minted 2 NFT collections for the price of 1.

It should also be noted that this is a whitelist experiment and we do not know if it will be fully effective.

The major purpose of 'The Fangorians' collection is to make part of the Outlaw System's whitelist process.

After the release of the Outlaw System collection, the Fangorian NFTs shall be considered an NFT souvenir that served its purpose. However, collectors own their IP rights and have complete freedom to use them for commercial and personal use, including sales of derivative work.

We might as well explore ways of creating valuable IP around the collection, but always as a spin-off endeavor.

Do you enjoy building ties inside NFT communities and eventually be rewarded for it? You can guarantee your whitelist spot by playing our Discord RPG game.

You just have to join our Discord and check the "Whitelist" section. Play and earn credits until you can grab your Outlaw Pass. The credits will also be used to access future exclusive experiences.

Collectors with the Outlaw Pass will be able to enter our whitelist and mint Outlaw System NFTs for free.

Ready to play?

Collectors will be able to enter the whitelist by winning raffles or giveaways.

If we launch the genesis collection before all whitelist spots are filled, after the whitelist mint is done, we may open a special mint section for the remaining NFTs whose model will be announced later.